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Patient Care Technician (CNA II)


Advanced CNA Training Course

The Patient Care Technician Course is a 30 hour advanced CNA training program designed for the CNA who would like to increase his/her clinical knowledge, hourly pay, improve status, and/or further his/her healthcare training & education.

After completing this program, the CNA will be eligible for a job promotion as a Patient Care Technician, Advanced CNA Care Provider, Treatment Nurse, CNA II and/or Technical Nurse Assistant in a Hospital, Long Term Care Facility, Private Home, Kidney Dialysis, and More!!!

This course consists of lectures, lab practices, and clinical training. The following are some topics and skills that are inculded in this training course:

1. Administration of oxygen via nasal canula, or simple mask.
2. Oral suctioning with Yankauer sunction handle.
3. Foley Catheter insertion including types of catheters, obtaining urine cultures, UTI's, intermittent catheterization.
4. Ostomy care including urostomy and colostomy bags, skin care around stoma.
5. Internal tube feedings: (Continuous and intermittent).
6. Blood Glucose Monitoring
7. Wound and skin care.
8. Accurate measurement and documentation of pressure ulcers.
9. Non-sterile dressing changes.
10. Discontinuing IV's.
11. Assisting with Sterile Procedures and more...

Requirements For Application:

1. Applicant must be a CNA
2. Current TB Clearance
3. Current Physical Examination
4. Basic Medical Terminology Certificate

For more information please contact an HT&CC, Inc. representative today at (808) 843-2211.