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24 Hour CNA Recertification Program

24 Hour CNA Recertification Program


The Recertification program was designed to meet State Recertification requirements.

To qualify for recertification, a participant must complete the 24 hour Competency/Proficiency Evaluation Program which is based on State Requirements. In addition, the applicant must be either currently working in a state certified/ state licensed healthcare setting.

Upon completion, you will be issued a certificate of completion and we will electronically transmit your completed Skill Evaluation to Prometric. Upon transmittal, you will be eligible to recieve your new certificate.

Important Note: CNAs that qualify to take a 24 Hour Recertification Program must complete the entire program prior to or no later than the date of their CNA Certificate expiration.

Requirements for Admission:

1. Current Physical Examination (Must be dated within the Last 12 Months).
2. Current TB Clearance. Two step skin test or chest x-ray if skin test is positive dated within the last 12 months, please submit positive results along with your chest x-ray results.
3. Current CNA Certificate that is nearing expiration.
4. Current Criminal Abstract within the Last 12 months.
5. Current Adult CPR & First Aid Training Certification

Mandatory Supplies:

1. Watch with a second hand
2. Pocket notebook
3. Black Ballpoint Pen

You are also required to wear White Nurse Scrubs Uniform throughout your entire training. Shoes must be non-skid and must conform to Nurses' uniform code.

Additional Information:

It is recommended that you have a Nurse Assistant Textbook for reference. No specific author or maker is required. Any textbook will do.

If you need to purchase one, we do have several options available ranging in price.

How to Sign Up?

Classes are limited to ten (10) Participants. Registration for program is on a first come first serve basis. To sign up, the participant must make an appointment to meet with an HT&CC, Inc. Representative.

Upon enrollment the participant will be asked to provide:
1. Picture I.D.
2. Current CNA Certificate that is nearing expiration.
3. You will be asked to fill out an HT&CC application and Class Agreement form. (These forms will be provided to you by an HT&CC, Inc. representative during your enrollment processing.)
4. $100.00 Non Refundable Deposit to secure your seat into the program.

Cost of Program:

  • $375.00 for New HT&CC Participants
  • $350.00 for Returning HT&CC CNA Participants

Schedule of Classes:

  • Please Contact an HT&CC, Inc. Representative for our next available CNA Recertification Program Schedule.

Class Schedule Breakdown:

Day 1: Class Room (6 Hours)

Day 2: Clinical Evaluation (6 Hours)

Day 3: Clinical Evaluation (6 Hours)

Day 4: Clinical Evaluation (6 Hours)

If you would like to have further information about our "NEW" 24 hour CNA Recertification Program please feel free to contact an HT&CC, INC. representative at (808) 843-2211.