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Testimonials (Part II)

"This Program Changed My Life!"
A Success Story of Bonifacio Tan
Written by: April S. Patricio

bonnie1.JPG"Don't Ever Give Up!" exclaimed Mr. Bonifacio Tan, who came in to speak to our Honolulu CNA Evening Class participants.

On September 6, 2007, Mr. Tan graced Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. with a wonderful inspirational speech about how his participation with HT&CC, INC.'s CNA training course changed his life.

Mr. Bonifacio Tan was born in the Philippines and came to Hawaii as an immigrant at the age of fourteen in 1975. He attended and graduated from Farrington High School and took a few years of classes at the Kapiolani Community College.

During the summer vacations, Bonifacio started working first at Dole Cannery and eventually established himself at Pizza Hut working as a full time driver. he continued for about six and a half years. However, a terrible world wide catastrophe shifted his ideas about his life goals.

On September 11, 2007, after the 911 attacks, Bonifacio decided that he needed a new career. He debated between two entirely different vocational programs , Computer Technology and Healthcare. Finally after much consideration, he chose to get into a CNA program. When asked why he choose this career path he laughingly replied, "The program was very time efficient. I was able to get a new career in just two weeks!" During his class visit, he spoke to the students about how he went through the HT&CC, INC. CNA program, became a CNA, and then eventually went on to become very successful business owner of his own foster care facility.

His experience was so satisfying that it also encouraged other members of his family, Cornelio Tan, Fanny Tan, Tany Tan, Maribel Tan, Christine Tan, Ericson Aczon, and Brandon Tabilismo to also take HT&CC, INC.'s CNA classes. Out of the seven graduates, five of them have opened up various foster care facilities. The remaining two, are currently involved in the Nursing Program of UH, Manoa.

He proudly reported to the class, "I became my own boss. I was able to triple my income and I was able to get my family involved too." For example Bonifacio's brother, Cornelia Tan, who is also a HT&CC, Inc. graduate was able to purchase a new million dollar home due to his success as a Care Home Operator.

At the conclusion of his meeting with the class, he left all of us with a message, "There are two things you must have to become a CNA: a good heart and patience. Don't quit and follow your heart's desires!"