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Why Choose Us?

"Why Choose Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. For Your Training"

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1. One of the only private training centers in Oahu offering a comprehensive Certified Nursing Assistant training program that is State approved and certified.

2. HT&CC has a track record of 13 years with now over 12,000 successful participants.

3. HT&CC provides internship or clinical practicum which is absolutely necessary to acquire a job in the Healthcare field.

4. All HT&CC instructors are State approved and Certified.

5. HT&CC, Inc. is an approved  IN-FACILITY PROMETRIC State Testing Site. It is easier to pass the exam when taking it in a familiar setting and with familiar people. Also, Testing at our Honolulu Branch Location is exclusively for HTCC,INC. Graduates!

6. The training is supervised by experienced Registered Nurses and is led by Cionie Sagisi Patricio, RN., a former LTC Director of Nursing for 9 years. Cionie is the immediate past Secretary of the Hawaii Association of Director of Nurses and remains a very active member. The Directors of Nurses in long term care can only recruit Certified Nurse Assistants from a certified program.

7. Highly effective Job Referral Service due to the company's strong affiliation and friendship with many Nursing Facilities and Healthcare Agencies.

8. HT&CC, Inc. provides Continuing Education and Lifetime Consultation services and assistance for Certified Nurse Assistants.

9. HT&CC, Inc. teaches from the heart and invites everyone to join in their efforts to ensure that healthcare will be delivered in the safest, most compassionate, most confident, and most rewarding manner; so that the ailing and the aging will continue to live quality lives.

10. Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. is where individuals whose dreams of becoming a Successful Provider while advancing to higher learning can come true.

11. Locations in Honolulu, Leeward, and Maui.

12. HT&CC also offers an Outer-Island Package for Big Island, Molokai, Hilo, and Kauai.

Most important reason to choose us: Because our program is Certified by the State, it will make your recertification possible. Otherwise, you cannot renew your certificate if you are coming from a non-State Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program. Coming from an approved program also makes you the most marketable CNA.

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